Thank you Your Majesty

70 years of leadership, service, and devotion to many people.

Rest in Peace and thank you for all you have done for many nations and races.

182 responses to “Thank you Your Majesty”

  1. Sanya S.

    I miss her😭😭😭😭😭👸

  2. Dominik B.

    I am so so sad 😭.

  3. Simra S.

    Ianis and Simla.
    Thank you your Majesty for live for 70 years.
    She helped us every single day.
    She helped us in the world.

  4. Rustam M.


  5. Ravi P.

    Your majesty you’ve done so much for us I’ll never forget about you I’m going to come to you’re palace thank you for taking care of us and people who roulade you always will win you are the best for me thank you so much R..I.p

  6. Afreen S.

    Our Queen has been a fantastic role model thank you she has made a variety of great things happen to us and now she was the oldest monarch yet.

  7. Muhammad Y.

    You will always be in our hearts.

  8. Awais J.

    70 years of leadership Service and devotion To many people

  9. Maryum N.

    We are praying for you majesty you done everything for us you done horse racing everything thank you queen we will all pray

  10. Madeeha T.

    Madeeha- I hope you rest in peace. She was a kind and very helpful and brave Queen.Thank you for being our brave,kind,helpful Queen 👸.
    Khadijah- You were a kind, selfless person. Thank you for being our queen for 70 years. King Charles will now reign. R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II.

    Khadijah and Madeeha.

  11. Karanbir B.

    RIP queen you have changed the uk and made it better rip queen 👸

  12. Shahzaib M.


  13. Aryan M.

    RIP her majesty long live the king.

  14. Nihit N.

    Long live her legacy
    April 21st 1926 – 8th September 2022

  15. Sara K.

    Long live the 👸🏻

  16. Aiza B.

    God please save the Queen 👸 she was a very good woman it is very sad that she died 😭🤧

  17. Abigail F.

    Our 👸 we are 🥺🥺that you are R.I.P we will Remember you and miss.

  18. Yoshita P.

    Thank you your majesty and rest in peace.

  19. Mohammed E.

    The Queen was a wonderful lady rip to your majesty.

  20. Sabiha K.

    I hope 🤞 that her majesty the queen 👸 rests in peace. She was a residential, kind and long serving queen 👸. Now King Charles III must reign on us now and R.I.P

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