This week in nursery!


C&L- To talk about what happens in the story? what are spikes? What do they look like? What animals have spikes? Please see Miss Tifts blog!

PSED- To develop friendships with other children. To talk about how we can be a kind and helpful friend. Children drew pictures and gave it to their friend.


Literacy- To listen to the story of The Very Helpful Hedgehog. To talk about what happens in the story.
pencil control- we followed along a zig zag pattern and had a go at writing our name using sand.


Maths- To say one number for each item in order. We counted to 5. We used play dough and sticks to make spikes for our hedgehog. Children counted up to 5 sticks.


Physical Development
To practice cutting using scissors. To become more confident when balancing, climbing, jumping etc.


EAD- to explore different materials and use tools safely. The hedgehog is missing his spikes. To add spikes on to the hedgehogs back.
UTW- Nocturnal animals. To make a hedgehog using natural resources. To talk about what they can see.

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