Morning all,

I hope everyone is well. This week is the final week of targeted work before we have 2 weeks of some great projects- IT and DT focus. Please be reassured of the following:

High standards of cleanliness still remain.

We continue to fog  classrooms to kill bugs but this is not 100% effective , 99% effective.

We do expect please the following:

1- Testing your child if they display any symptoms.

2- Checking this website daily as we post changes and updates on here.

3- All parents to book a 1:1 appt with your child’s teacher to look at books and be clear about progress and standards.

We will endeavour to support all parents and children if we can but we do expect rules to be adhered to as stated on the home school contract. We are a team at BH, a big team well over 750 staff and pupils . Everyone has a voice, everyone has a rights  but please don’t go against agreed principles and understand your contributions . Many thanks for your continued support.

37 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Thank you so much Mrs Frankish.
    We will all take care of the best school Broad Heath.
    And show respect to the school and everyone.😊🤩🤩🎉✨👍.

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