Dear parents and carers,

On Sunday 21st April Coventry City Football Club will be playing at Wembley Stadium in London competing in the FA Cup Sem-Finals. This is a momentous occasion for the city. With this in mind, the children are invited to wear blue on Friday to support the Sky Blues.

Therefore, on Friday if children choose to, they can wear their blue PE top or any blue top including a Coventry football top, if they wish. 

Play up sky blues!

29 responses to “Wear blue to support Coventry City FC on Sunday 21st April”

  1. Mohammed E.

    Lets all sing together we will never lose Tottenham or Chelsea United or Anyone (anyone) they shaln’t defeat us … bada da dada da daaaa

  2. Minnah M.

    We lost ,they called a last minute offside soo close

  3. Zaeem J.

    Good luck cov city⚽️

  4. Arfa S.

    Thank you for the information

  5. Latifa A.

    I am to late

  6. Maximilian J.

    It’s going to be so fun today

  7. Shemaiah W.


  8. Irfa M.

    Are you aloud jeans?

  9. Eliza N.

    I hope you winnnnn 👍❤️🙂

  10. Ahyan K.

    And thank you for the info ℹ️ 🫡

  11. Ahyan K.

    Good luck sky blues 😁🫨

  12. Ahyan K.

    Are we allowed to wear any trousers

  13. Gurshaanpreet S.

    Okay, thank you.👍👌✌️

  14. Manha S.

    Thank you for the information !

  15. Kaiden M.

    Awesome thanks

  16. Kitan O.

    👌 OK

  17. Abdullah P.

    PUSB 🙂

  18. Hosanna N.

    Thank you for letting us know.

  19. Aurora H.

    PUSB 🙌🏽

  20. Kydun R.

    Can’t wait👍

  21. Eliza N.

    Yay good luck sky blues

  22. Sana A.

    Thanks for your information 😊

  23. Ziad H.


  24. Mahid H.

    It is my favourite support👌

  25. Liliana S.

    Ok but are we allowed to wear stitch but it is blue jeans

    1. Sara H.

      thanks for the information 👍 😀 🙂

  26. Kinza Noor A.


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