Week 2 in One White


This week we have been slowly coming to an end of our information text unit. All of the year one children took part in creating a shark documentary! you can find this on the your one notice board.


In art we took a stroll around the school grounds to find natural objects that we could use to create our own animal sculptures. We collected sticks, stones, leaves, grass, seeds and had a good run around our school field.


This week we were visited by some fantastic animal in our science lesson. We met a crested gecko, a royal python, a Chinese water dragon and even a huge boa among other creatures too!


Today in SMSC we spoke about how Christians believe in God even though they can not see him. The children thought this was interesting as we played a version of Eye-spy where Miss Matthias described different things that she was thinking about.

Here are some or our ideas about god and our roles in our lives:

Stay & Play:

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