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Week 2 in Reception Blue 😊

This week we continued with our new topic of β€˜People Who Help Us’ and this week we looked at doctors. Please take a look at our learning from the week and comment on what you have enjoyed and why. 😊

PSED – we talked about to look after our own health and wellbeing, we also completed an obstacle course.

Understanding of the World – we looked at matching pictures and labels of people who help us. We also drew pictures of doctor/ nurses/ paramedics and talked /wrote about what they do in their job.

Literacy -we looked at non fiction texts and fiction books and sorted them into sets. We also used our phonic knowledge to label the contents of a doctors bag.

Maths – we continued practising matching quantity to numeral. We also used non standard measures to compare length. We measured each other and talked about who was the shortest/tallest.

Creative – we listened to different types of music and expressed ourselves in movement.

Seal– We talked about why we should not lie and what consequences of lying can be.

Basic Skills – Dough Disco & letter formations.

SMSC – we talked about how people can be special in different ways.

Independent Fun and Group Library Visit!

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  1. Hatim M.

    I like and enjoyed all the activities. I like to learn about measuring the length.

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