Well done Your Majesty


The Queen has been on the throne for over 70 years. This is a very long time.

KS1- What message would you like to send to the Queen on this historic event?

KS2- What qualities do you think the Queen has that gives her the energy to reign for so long? How should we celebrate in June?


145 thoughts on “Well done Your Majesty

  1. Queen Elizabeth has been Queen over 70 years she is a special Queen
    She is caring,hopefully,and beautiful she us a very good and kind Queen. Keep it up your Majesty.

  2. Our Majesty has been a doing good and a spectacular job .
    How did you become queen ?
    How grateful our lord is.
    How did you be come rich ?
    I think she is the spectacular Majesty and grateful one ever .

  3. The Queen celebrates people’s that are 100 years old because when her husband 100 year old he died so congratulations to the Queen and people that are 100 years old some people are lucky maybe they listen and follow the school rules boy or girls so her husband is not lucky he was good they are helping him the Queen lives with someone else who is lucky COVID-19 maybe gave the King the Cornavirus killed him she will give you a gift if you are a 100 years old

  4. I think the Queen is well going and strong.We should celebrate in June by having a royal day when everyone dresses up in outfits like your a Queen or a King and we should have a play about royal life.

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