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What would you do?

You are going to be given various scenerios and you ahve to decide what you would do?

KS1- to be done as a class.

You see a house on fire as you walk to school?

A child crosses the road each day not using the crossing?

A child steals a swwet from the teacher’s desk.

KS2- individually but teachers to explain and discuss.

You are playing in the park and a gang approach you pffering you a cigarette for money, what would you do?

You are playing at lunch time and you see a BH pupil jump on someones back, kick them and run away. The DRAs are told but they do not tell the child’s teacher and you know what has happened?

You are at home and get a message about a pupil/teacher at this school with some vile comments against their name, what will you do?


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  1. 1) straight away go to a parent and say no thank you.
    2) I would explain to the dra what they are doing? try to find them and if there not I will tell the person if you do not stop there will be consequences if they don’t stop I will tell a teacher
    3) I will tell the person to stop and say what If they said it to you how would you feel

  2. 1. I would go tell the police and stay away from that park
    2. I would go tell my teacher. If they carry on I will tell Mrs Frankish
    3. I would tell a trusted adult and If it’s one of my friends I will stay away from them

  3. KS2:
    1) I would try to tell them what’s right and why this is a bad thing and rude thing to do. I would also try to walk away and ignore them until they go away.
    2) I would try telling their teacher the truth and what really happened.
    3) I would ask my parents what I should do about it.

  4. I would call the fire man.
    I would help him cross the road every day.
    I would tell the teacher that.
    I would go and find the persons class and tell the teacher then tell the headteacher.

  5. If you see a house on fire as You walk to school l would call the firefighters so they can pull the fire out 💕💜💙❤️🖤💗

  6. 1. If I see a house on fire on the way to school I would tell my parents to Call the fire fighters
    2.I would help them cross the road properly
    3.I would tell the headteacher as stealing is very bad.

  7. if I go to school and see a house on fire I would call the fire fighter’s
    I could go and talk to them or help them cross the road.
    I would tell the teacher.

  8. KS2-
    1. If I am playing in the park and a gang approaches me the best option would be to refuse and scream for help.
    2. If a child jumps on another child’s back I would tell the DRA

  9. KS2- you have to paid for the park if gang run away.
    You will get in trouble and teacher will say did you kick someone and run away.
    Tell teacher that when you get home and get a message about the teacher at this school