Who is ready for BH Glastonbury???

You have all worked incredibly hard this year, long hours of learning and revision at home. Your results last week were a reflection of the efforts you put in! Well done!
Now it is time to celebrate, to spend time with your friends and make your final memories at BH- a place which celebrates all of your “gains!”

Festival begins at 5.30pm (Entrance: Webster gate)
Non-uniform: bright colours/ face paint/ festival attire/ sensible shoes
-Everyone to bring a bottle of water (label with your name)
-Bring your jubilee t-shirt to sign with your friends

What will school provide?
-Evening diner experience with Halal hot dogs and lots of snacks!
-Entertainment: lots of it! (Music/ Art/ Sports/Social etc)
-Camping experience-tents, fire-pit, scavenger hunt etc.
-Breakfast following morning.

What do I need to bring if I am camping?
-A change of clothes for the late evening- comfortable bottoms, top and a hoodie.
-Sleeping bag OR a pillow & duvet.
-Small wash bag with face wipes & deodorant.
-£1 for ice-cream from the van!
-A bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Voluntary items:
-Solar panel fairy lights
-Solar panel garden lights
-Decorations for your tent

Please ensure you are on time to collect your child from Webster Gate.
Wednesday 9pm (Evening event)
Thursday-7.50am (Camping)

All adults have signed the above

Children who are not sleeping over, need to attend school the following day as normal.


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