Greetings Year 5, I would like to announce this week’s winners…..5 Blue!! Well done, super effort.

There is a new competition that has started, please login and take part. I wonder who will win next week. Will it be your class?

10 responses to “Winners TTRS Year 5”

  1. Minaal A.

    Well.some 5 blue 5white and 5 red also well done to yo u for trying your best next ti!e try harder then you might win

  2. Mohamed E.

    i hope 5blue win i play ttr hehehe

  3. Ayaan M.

    Bruh we lost but we can win next time

  4. Hasbia D.

    Well done to 5 blue for winning the ttrs competition.

  5. Ali A.

    Well done everyone. Next time,5 red will win!

  6. Ahmed B.

    I will play

  7. Eman

    Well done 5b I think you deserved it I hope our class will win again

  8. Sania K.

    Congratulations 5 blue .

  9. Tana I.

    Yes told you we will win and we will also win this one

  10. Tipian I.

    Congrats you deserved it

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