World Book Day in 6 Blue!

Wow! Fantastic outfits and effort in 6B! From fantasy, to fairy tales and animations, the children made a brilliant effort dressing up as their character favourites!

World Book Day Song! We were inspired by MC Grammar’s WBD hit and used our confidence and imagination to learn song lyrics! Using our bodies, we learnt key words and created actions! Have a look below!

Some children decided to share their thoughts on books they have read this year!

We looked at the Mr / Little Miss collection as this was part of the our year group theme! Time to look at some childhood classics and compare our personalities! What did you think of the books you read?

Based on our personalities, we decided to draft and create our own Mr / Little Miss characters based on us! Time to get creative!

After… we looked at the new themes and settings! How they have changed over time! New settings and traditional tales. We looked at The Three Little Misses and the Big Bad Wolf and Mr Jelly and The Pirates.

After creating our characters, we used them in FlipaClip to create animations.


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  1. The little miss unlucky is the book that represent me because I get sick and I missed lots of fun activities.
    The little miss lucky is the opposite of the book that represent me because I’m always don’t get what I want.

  2. I think that the book that represented me was Little Miss chatterbox. Even Mr Janjua thought I was a chatterbox. Also the opposite of me was probably little miss organised.

  3. What did you think of the books you read?
    The books I read were interesting because the book had multiple characters that we’ve never seen

  4. What book represented me?
    I think the book that represented me was Mr brave (even if i’m a girl) except when it comes to dogs. I am way too afraid of dogs. However when it comes to other things i’m not afraid like i used to pick up worms and snails back then (even though its disgusting). Anyway i think Mr brave suits me just fine.

  5. What did you think of the books you read?
    I think of the little miss books that they were alright books that represent the personality of other people. Unfortunately, there were no books that represent me :c.
    I read the book called Little Miss Inventor which doesn’t actually represent me because I don’t have any physical experience with inventing tools and other stuff.
    I also read Little Miss somersault. The book doesn’t represent me because I don’t do somersaults everywhere I go because that will be cringe unlike miss somersault thinks.

    Overall, World book day was quite an enjoyable day! (.)

  6. I read 3 different little miss books, Little Miss Curious, Little Miss Whoops and Little Miss Tidy.
    I think Little Miss Whoops is not very much like me as I don’t mix many things up or mess up the area.
    Little Miss Curious is a bit like me as sometimes I do ask a few questions but they aren’t very random like the ones she asked.
    Little Miss Tidy is also a bit like me as I do like the house tidy but not in a way that I will forgot something, like placing something in a crazy place that Little Miss Tidy did (some of her things were found in a shoebox and other very unobvious places)

  7. Today I have read a book called little miss fun by Roger Har greaves.
    My opinion of it is that I like it because even if something happens she wouldn’t really care and she will say never mind.
    She would also do different fun things.
    The people who came to her house were:
    Mr Funny
    Mr Lazy
    Mr Clumsy
    Mr Tall
    Mr Forgetful was not with them.
    The day they came to her house was Sunday.

  8. Inventor- I enjoyed this book because it showed my personality and it is similar to what I like to do. Also an inventor makes and studies stuff which is what I want to be, so that is why I like this book.

  9. The book that I read was little miss helpful and that links to my personality because I am helpful in class and outside of class and I help the teachers sometimes when they need help.

  10. Today I read the book called little miss lucky and little miss splendid by Roger Hargreaves.My opinion on those books are they are nice and easy to read but they are all based 9n different personalities which make it fun to read and that there’s a different meaning and story behind every book.

  11. The book little Miss scary was a good book to read and I think it’s a good book for little kids to read.The books are based on people’s personality.

  12. The Miss busy represent me because I have
    a lot of work to do in my house I do what my mom does.

    The opposite is miss late because I was never late I
    try very hard to never be late

  13. The book that I have just read was little miss sunshine, I think that this book fits my personality because I am always was nice well I hope I am I like to brighten up the day. If people are sad I like to make them happy. And I always like to help out.

  14. The Little Miss Brainy is the book the represents my personality trait because I really try hard in my revision for SATs.
    Also Little Miss Late represents the opposite. This is because I come very early to school as I go Breakfast Club around 7:55 am.

    • I think Roger Hargreaves tried really hard of thinking about other people’s personality traits like Little Miss Late or Tidy. Also I enjoyed making the FlipaClip with Rasan, Jacob and me. Furthermore, I enjoyed World Book Day as I came in Ash from Pokemon Anime. Moreover , Mr Jelly and the pirates was actually kind of funny as Mr Jelly was always panicky. Finally when we created our own Mr or Miss Character inspired from Roger Hargreaves; My character was called Mr Gobbler.

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