Hi Y2! Please complete 2 pieces of homework. We cannot wait to see what you produce.

Take part in a TTRS year 2 battle. Log onto TTRS – Let us know how you do 😀

Write instructions to tell us how to make your favourite sandwich. Use the time words; First, Then, Next, After that, Finally. Don’t forget your numbered list. 🥪

Create an island map of Jamaica. Make sure you include the capital. Are there any key cities? What about beaches?

Practise Week 2 spellings, read your book and write a comment in your diary, please.
Have a lovely weekend.

21 responses to “Y2 Homework – Week 1”

  1. Andrew T.

    Andrew has completed his TTRS homework and drawn a map of Jamaican in his homework book.

  2. Pugalini A.

    Pugalini Completed her English homework in homework Book and completed Maths on TTRS.

    Taking part in TTRS battle completion daily and working on 2White to score high in the completion.

  3. Grace C.

    Grace has completed all her homework.

  4. Faith A.

    I have done my maths challenge.

  5. Ziad H.

    I have done my homework

  6. Amelia B.

    Amelia has completed her literacy task (in HW book) and TTRS.

  7. Nycolas C.

    Nycolas completed his homework

  8. Ebrar Y.

    Ebrar completed her homework.

  9. Gaira M.

    Mustafa has done English and math homework

  10. Aaron R.

    Aaron has completed literacy and maths homework.

  11. Saliha K.

    Saliha has completed her English and maths homework.

  12. Rishaan C.

    Yesterday I done my homework but today I logged in to ttrs but I couldn’t play the battle is anything wrong is Their An error occurred.

  13. Mueez K.

    Can we draw a sandwich 🥪

    1. Mr Mahmood

      Of course you can, MMK

  14. Fareha H.

    Fareha did her homework and completed her TTRS

  15. Ayaad H.

    Ayaad has completed his TTRS, he did( Garage) 5 time last score 15 with no mistake in 4 seconds. Practicing his spelling and doing his literacy and wow in homework book.

  16. Rayyan R.

    Hi how do I login to TTRS?

    1. Mr Mahmood

      Hi Rayyan, you can find the icon to TTRS on the homepage, but here it is: https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student/61198

      To login, you need to use the same username and password you use for the blogs.

  17. Adam K.

    Adam has completed mathematics on TTRS, wow and literacy homework in homework book. Adam learns his spelling words everyday and reads his book daily.

    1. Mr Mahmood

      Adam is a superstar!

      1. Hamja B.

        Hamja played ttrs, And English activity. And he practice reading every night.

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