What a lovely unit of money we have just completed, Y2! Have a go at answering these end of unit questions with your adult.
Try the challenges to see whether you fully understand how to solve two-step problems, too.

Please ensure you show each step clearly. Comment to let me know that you have had a go. This will earn yourselves a jellybean!

7 responses to “Y2 – Money Challenge!”

  1. Amelia R.

    1£ 60p 40p

  2. Bilal U.

    Bilal has completed the money challenge in his homework book.

    1. Yusuf A.

      The total cost of an apple and pear is 77p. Dan will get 23p change if he pays with a £1 coin. The total cost of a book and magazine is £4.70. 💰

  3. Rahman A.

    Rahman A done his money challenge.

  4. Iqra A.

    I finished my money challenge. I’ll bring it tomorrow.

  5. Sara H.

    i did this is my homework book.

    1. Miss Bhangu

      Please bring your homework book in school. Thank you!

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