Hi children,

Look for your group and watch the videos at home. They will help you make super progress! More videos will be added each week.

Mrs L Mattu’s Group

Miss Smith’s Group & Mrs Watkins’ Group

Mrs Penavega’s Group

Miss Bhangu’s Group, Miss Korotania’s Group & Mrs S Mattu’s Group

Mrs Walker’s Group

Miss Redhead‘s Group & Mrs Patel’s Group

Comment on this blog when you have watched your videos for this week.

48 responses to “Year 1 & 2 Phonics Homework”

  1. Hedy A.

    I have watched the video.

  2. Ziad H.

    I have watched the video.

  3. Amaal H.

    I have watched the video of my phonics group :).

  4. Martyna Z.

    I enjoyed the phonics films🙂

  5. Amina A.

    I watched all of the videos and I love ❤️ it

  6. Isabelle T.

    I watched the video! Super fun and helpful! Thank you!

  7. Emaan A.

    I enjoyed watching the phonics videos.

  8. Haniya A.

    I loved watching the phonics video.

  9. Amirah A.

    I watched the phonics videos, they help me with my spelling :)

  10. Faith A.

    Faith has completed all homework maths and English reading challenge.

  11. Kareem A.

    Phonics is the coolest thing to broad heath primary school!!! Thanks a lot. Please send us more phonics

  12. Kareem A.

    Phonics is the coolest thing to broad heath primary school!! Thanks a lot.

  13. Ziad H.


  14. Mahid H.

    I watch all of the videos

  15. Samuel N.

    where is mr mamoods phonics group

    1. Mr Mahmood

      Hi Sam. Because we do comprehension, I would like you to watch the videos for Miss Redhead‘s & Mrs Patel’s Group. Thank you for your comment :)

  16. Fareeha N.

    I love phonics!!✨😊

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