Year 1-After School Clubs!

The Year 1 staff will be running some after school clubs starting Monday 25th April 2022. Please remember to leave a comment below to confirm your child’s attendance.

Year 1 Maths Club 3.20pm-4.00pm with Mr Mahmood:

Nichollas, Hudaa, Natan, Bilal, Esa, Amina, Bilaal, Iqra S, Noah, Emraan and Elgin

Year 1 Reading Club 3.20pm -4.00pm with Miss Mathias:

Hasnaa, Shaheer, Zenat, Kayla P, Eli P, Neron, Aurora, Khadija B, Hannah B and Aryan

Year 1 Writing Club 3.20pm-4.00pm with Miss Ostick:

Aylah DS, Freya, Sara H, Hassanati, Ella K, Manuela, Emaan, Reyn, Liliana, Waniya and Saalihah

29 thoughts on “Year 1-After School Clubs!

  1. Hi Mr Mahmood
    Can Hasnaa do writing instead of reading so she can improve her writing
    If not she will attend reading
    Zenat will attend reading club

    • Good Morning
      Hasnaa has been chosen to receive support with her Reading and Comprehension. With all of us working together, her writing will also improve.

  2. Hi I just wanted to confirm is this for Amina iqbal in 1 white for maths after school club if it is I will be sending her to thanks hope to hear from you soon thanks

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