Please choose two items to complete.


14 responses to “Year 1 Homework Week 4 (24.03.23)”

  1. Ziad H.

    I have finished my Education city homework and my WOW challenge in my book.

  2. Aahil M.

    Aahil has completed his Mathematics and Literacy homework.

  3. Pugalini K.

    Pugalini have completed her Literacy homework on Education city and Mathematics in her homework book.
    Practising on spelling words for week 5

    Thank you.

  4. Ebrar Y.

    Ebrar done homework

  5. Rumaysa K.

    Rumaysa has completed her literacy and mathematics homework. She has also been practicing her spellings.

  6. Amelia B.

    Amelia has completed her Education City and Maths homework (this is in her homework book).

  7. Iver V.

    I have finished my homework.

  8. Rishaan C.

    I done my homework.

  9. Gaira M.

    Mustafa finished his mathematics and literacy homework

  10. Aaron R.

    Aaron has completed literacy and maths homework.

  11. Elijah S.

    Elijah has completed the wow homework.

  12. Elijah S.

    Elijah has completed the literacy homework.

  13. Abdullah S.

    Abdullah completed his homework.

    1. Adam K.

      Adam has completed mathematics, literacy and wow homework. Also has been reading his reading book and learning spelling words everyday. Adam is going to aim to get 10/10 in his spellings again this week .

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