9 thoughts on “Year 1 Maths Challenge

  1. You can halve odd numbers but they are not as easy as halving an even number. Mr Stevenson is wrong because you can halve even numbers as well as odd numbers.

  2. It is 1.5 because 3 divided by 2= 1.5 so Mr Harwood has 1.5 sweets and Mrs Raja Khan has 1.5 sweets.

    Mr Stevenson was wrong because when you halve numbers they can be even as well.

  3. When you divide 3 by 2 it makes 1.5 so Mrs. Raja khan will have 1.5 sweets and Mr.Harwood will have 1.5 sweets.Mr.Stevenson is wrong because even numbers can be halved for example half of 8 is 4.

  4. 3 divided by 2 equals 1.5. Mrs Raja-khan would get 1.5 and Mr Harwood would also get 1.5. Mr Stevenson is wrong because even numbers can also be halved. 6 divided by 2 equals 3. This is our example.

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