Year 1 Reading Challenge – Autumn 1

Hi Year 1,

Please find your Reading challenge for Autumn 1 below. You only need to complete 1…

If you are in Red and Orange Group please complete the ‘Emerging’ challenge.If you are in Yellow and Blue Group please complete the ‘Expected’ challenge.If you are in Green Group please complete the ‘Exceeding’ challenge.

Parents – we do expect all children in Year 1 to have a go at the challenge! There will be an overall winner who will be selected before the half term holidays. Have fun!

Watch the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ and complete your challenge below!

Emerging – Can you write a list to tell your teacher all the places where the family have to move through before reaching the bears cave?

Expected – Can you write a description of where the bear lives using adjectives? Remember adjectives are describing words.

Exceeding – How do you think the characters feel at the beginning, middle and end of the story?

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  1. The bear is scary and the family are frighten. They have to run awAy from the bear through the the dark tunnel and the wavy grass and the swishing grass.

  2. The places where the family moved through before reaching the bears are:
    1)Long wavy grass-Where the make swishy swashy sound.
    2)Deep cold river-where they make splash sound.
    3)Thick oozy mud-where they make squelch squerch sound.
    4)Big dark forest-where they make stumble trip sound.
    5)Swirling wirling snowstorm-Which makes hoo wooo sound
    6)A narrow gloomy cave-which they tiptoe
    Till eventually they wonder in what they see through the cave as they see one of the bears with a shiny wet noise, two big furry ears and two big googley ears.

  3. They were going bear hunt.
    But they have to pass through a long grass, muddy and forest.
    They finally saw an old cave. They tiptoed into the cave. They saw a big giant creature.
    They got scared and ran home through the forest and mud.
    They went to nee and never went back for a bear hunt.

  4. Beginning
    The people were feeling terrified.
    The people were looking at the bear and feeling scared.
    The pepole had to go in the mud and they looked at the bear and they felt tiered.

  5. They were excited to go on a bear hunt.

    At first they were brave.
    They went through
    long wavey grass.
    deep river.
    Snow storm
    At the end they were scared of big bear they not going on bear hunt again

  6. In the beginning i think they felt happy and brave😁😇.in the middle they felt tierd cold and ready to give up.In the end they felt scared worried sad frightend

  7. In the beginning, they were very excited and brave.
    In the middle, they were feeling excited but worried as they were feeling very cold.
    In the End, they were very excited but very scared from the big nasty bear with googli eyes.

  8. THE PLACE WHERE THE family go through before reaching the bear are : long green grass COLD deep river MUD SCAREY FOREST BEAR CAVE STARTING VERY EXCITING MIDDLE IS VERY COLD AND SCAREY ending very very shocked

  9. In the beginning they feel excited because they are going on an adventure.
    In the middle of the story they feel sad because go through they feel very cold as they go through the , sticky mud and a scary forest.
    At the end of the story they felt scared because the bear was scary and that it might eat them.

  10. The bear lives in a big, dark and scary cave. Caves are dangerous,dirty and scary. Caves are narrow, muddy and silent inside. Caves are in the mountain. Caves are for animals and creatures. Bears also live in the mountain.

  11. bears are green cave are bad muds are smelly water is slippery and caves are for animals and creatures they live in the mountains the snow was very scary and cold

  12. Caves are Dark, Deep, Dangerous and Dirty.
    Caves are Narrow, Muddy and Silent inside.
    Caves are Brown in color.
    Caves are living place for some animals and creatures.
    Caves are in the mountains.

  13. the places where the family have to move through before reaching the bears cave are :
    .long wavy Grass
    .deep river
    .snow storm

    At the beginning of the story,
    They were feeling exited and happy .

    At the middle of the story,
    They were feeling cold and exited.

    At the End of the story,
    they were feeling shocked and scared.

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