Year 1 Week 3 Homework (25.11.22)

Hi, Year 1.


You will find your activity on the school blog. It will be under the ‘Reading Challenge’ section on the blog.


You will find your game on Education City- Lazy Lambs. Use the same log in details as you use for the blog. It will be under the ‘Homework’ section.


Create 4 trees to represent each season. 



Please practise writing these letters pre-cursively in your homework book.

8 responses to “Year 1 Week 3 Homework (25.11.22)”

  1. Kuwar S.

    Kuwar has done his English and maths homework.

  2. Kaavya D.

    Kaavya done all her homework, wow homework will be submitted tomorrow.

  3. Pugalini K.

    Pugalini have completed homework, Maths on Education City and English Reading Challenge on blog)

    Thank you

  4. Nycolas C.

    I have completed my homework, the Maths on education city and English on blog

  5. Amelia A.

    I completed my homework. I did my reading challenge and maths education city and got 75%.

    1. Amelia A.

      This is adyan

  6. Iver V.

    I have completed my homework, I did Educational City and the Wow homework, I shall bring it into school tomorrow.

  7. Faith A.

    Faith has completed are maths and English in education city, between 50% to 63% she did it by herself.

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