What a super day we have had in year one today! Swimming, Citizenship, Crafts, Maths and yoga! It has been a day packed full of activities to really support the well-being of the children! Please watch out video to see what we got up to and leave a comment about your favourite part of the day (Make sure you tell us why!)

9 responses to “Year 1 Well-Being Day”

  1. Hosanna N.

    My favourite part was learning about being kind to others. Teasing and bullying are very bad, it makes people feel sad.

  2. Samuel N.

    my favourite class was yoga and swimming

  3. Iver V.

    Wellbeing day was fun! My favorite part was swimming.

  4. Hatim M.

    I love swimming,especially going under water was so much fun.

  5. Aaron R.

    I liked going under water to get the ring, I found this easy. Kicking my legs makes me tired sometimes.
    I would like well-being day everyday because I like to do all the fun things.

    1. Ms Khan

      It sounds like you are rather good at swimming!

  6. Dyari-Larson F.

    I loved going swimming and I really like making a special card for my mummy on Tuesday thank you to all the teachers that made are well being day soo good .

    1. Adam K.

      I really enjoyed swimming because we was kicking our legs and going under the water

  7. Ms Khan

    I have got a question for year 1. Who would like it to be a well-being day every day at Broad Heath? Give reasons below.

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