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Year 2 Chinese New Year Assembly

We would like to invite you to our Chinese New Year assembly at 2.30 on Thursday 22nd February 2024.


17 responses to “Year 2 Chinese New Year Assembly”

  1. Ayaad H.

    Thanks for the information.
    Ayaad’s mom will attend. (2red).

  2. Saliha K.

    My mum will attend.

  3. Faith A.

    My Mummy will attend.

  4. Kai D.

    I will attend Kai mum. Thanks

  5. Isabelle T.

    Isabelle’s mom and sister are coming!

  6. Iver V.

    I am the fire rooster🤩😇😀.I am so
    excited because my mom is coming

  7. Oscar R.

    My mum and baby sister will attend

  8. Bavisun A.

    Bavisun’s mom will attend .

  9. Rayyan R.

    I will attend for rayyan 2 red.

  10. Iyla H.

    iyla dads will be attending

  11. Shreya S.

    Shreya’s mom will attend the assembly.

  12. Liliana S.

    No I can’t make it because I am very bizzy then

  13. Ziad H.


  14. Albert Q.

    My mum will attend!

  15. Martyna Z.

    Martyna grandmother, grandad, and auntie will coming .

  16. Minsa M.

    Daddy will attend

  17. Adam K.

    That soubds good i will attend for Adam 2red

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