Year 2 Holland Day!

Today we have been learning about Holland, The Netherlands as part of European Day of Languages!
After a discussion at the start of the day, it was clear that we had limited knowledge of Holland so we have made lots of progress today! To start the day off, the children introduced themselves in Dutch!

The children worked very hard to locate Holland, The Netherlands on a globe. They also identified and named the 7 continents. Please watch their informational video about Holland below. They also counted to 10 in Dutch and made a delicious Dutch snack called poffertjes!

Making poffertjes and learning to count in Dutch.

After a while, the children learned about the very famous Dutch Artist, Vincent Van Gogh. They loved observing his painting, Sunflowers. Because the children are brilliant artists, they used lines and watercolours to create their very own version, whilst being inspired by the original painting.

The children took part in a range of activities in the afternoon. They folded paper to make tulips and lastly, they used a variety of skills to make a windmill.

What did you enjoy learning today?
Please answer in a full sentence.

15 thoughts on “Year 2 Holland Day!

  1. I enjoyed making the windmills because I love them and I will tell you some facts about it. First they are very large but not as large as a house. Secondly, the windmills has a humongous propeller and then it rotates round in a circle. Next the wind pushes the propeller and then it spins around and makes wind power.

  2. I enjoyed to making wind male ,tulips and painting sunflower. I had delicious pancake yesterday, it was really yummy. I was singing numbers in Dutch.

  3. Excellent European day great Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡± kingdom it is excellent.
    I enjoyed eating the sugary pancake I really loved the pancake so much.

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