Year 2 Homework – Week 3

Hi Year 2. Below is your homework for this week. Remember, you need to complete both of the tasks this week. Homework should be completed by Wednesday. Please bring your books to school so that they can be marked. Have a lovely weekend.


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  1. Huzaifa has completed his Maths challenge bronze, silver and gold.
    He has also done his Literary homework in his homework book.
    Thank you

  2. Bronze
    2 tens and 20 ones
    3 tens and 10 ones
    40 ones
    Numbers that are can’t be 30, 50, 60
    Music’s has the largest number.
    Music’s has 2 tens and 9 ones
    Faith has 2 tens and 7 ones
    Yes, because ten has “0” on the ones number place.
    Yes, 7 ten 10p are equal 70p
    70p + 32p= 102p

  3. Aiyla has completed the maths challenge bronze silver and gold
    commented on the blog.

    She has done the picture of the lighthouse in her homework book

  4. i did the silver maths challenge on the blog and finished my lighthouse, hamish and mr grinling homework. i also practiced my spelling and commented on the blog.