45 thoughts on “Year 2 Homework – Week 3

  1. Huzaifa has completed his Maths challenge bronze, silver and gold.
    He has also done his Literary homework in his homework book.
    Thank you

  2. Bronze
    2 tens and 20 ones
    3 tens and 10 ones
    40 ones
    Numbers that are can’t be 30, 50, 60
    Music’s has the largest number.
    Music’s has 2 tens and 9 ones
    Faith has 2 tens and 7 ones
    Yes, because ten has “0” on the ones number place.
    Yes, 7 ten 10p are equal 70p
    70p + 32p= 102p

  3. Aiyla has completed the maths challenge bronze silver and gold
    commented on the blog.

    She has done the picture of the lighthouse in her homework book

  4. i did the silver maths challenge on the blog and finished my lighthouse, hamish and mr grinling homework. i also practiced my spelling and commented on the blog.

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