Year 2 Homework – Week 4

Hello. Here is your homework for this week. As always, remember you need to complete 2 out of the 3 tasks please. Don’t forget to practise your spellings, your times tables and read your reading book. Please get an adult to sign your reading diary. Have a super weekend.

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  1. Once upon a time there was Hansel and Gretel they lived in a small village with their mum and dad. one day their step mon sent them to the forest to live there. Hansel and Gretel pick up stone to mark their way back home. They got to a gingerbread house and found a witch who put Hansel in Jail. Then the witch asked Gretel to make some food for Hansel, then Gretel put the witch in the oven and found the keys then they escaped. when they got home they found their who was very happy and he sent the evil stepmother away and banished her. They lived happily ever after. The end

  2. Once upon a time there was a girl and boy who were called Hansel and gretal. They lived in a small cottage with their parents.
    One day there step mother told them To go in the woods.Suddenly they came back from the woods and there parents gave them little pieces of bread and took them very very far away. After that Hansel
    dropped the bread crumbs onto the floor. Then they both saw a mysterious house. The next day the nasty birds ate the crumbs. Then an old mysterious lady came out of the sweet house. Hansel and gretal went in the house and saw a lot of cages but didn’t think much of it. Then they found out that she was a witch and Hansel got trapped! Gretal saw this and got terrified but the evil witch told her to cook! She said to check the oven if it was hot because the evil witch wanted to eat them both! Gretal didn’t know how to and so the witch did it but brave Gretal pushed her in the oven and freed her brother from the cage! They both went home and the father made the evil step mother leave
    The end
    Iqra did her hw

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