Year 2 met little Maya 👧🏽

Continuing on with our Science topic- ‘Growing up,’ Year 2 had another special visitor. This time it was a toddler, we had the privilege of meeting the adorable, Maya and her parents. The children asked some fantastic questions, listened carefully and were able to use the knowledge they had gained to identify and describe the differences between a baby and a toddler.

What do toddlers eat?
How often do they sleep?
When do toddlers start walking?
When do toddlers start using the potty?
Can you describe 2 differences between a baby and a toddler?


  1. 1) pasta and smashed food
    2) 2 and 3 hours
    3) 2 or 3 months
    4) 4 or 5 months
    5)Toddler can walk and baby’s can’t. A baby cry for help but Toddler doesn’t sum time.

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