Hello Year 2. Here is your homework for this week. Have a great weekend!

40 responses to “Year 2 Summer 2 Week 5 Homework”

  1. Faith A.

    I have completed all my homework maths and english Challenge on education city and my school book homework both togther.

  2. Haseeb B.

    I love wild about space it tell’s you all about space and the author is miles kelly

  3. Rahman A.

    I have completed my math challenge an Practice my book

  4. Bilal U.

    I have completed my maths challenge and english homework.

  5. Bilal U.

    The book i liked and chose is Hackney Martian by the author Paul Brown and illustrated by Rowena Blyth because the front cover has stars, diamonds and space ship with a martian inside it. I liked this book because they go out on an awesome journey to the capital city of the uk which is London. To get there they go down underground tunnels to a huge fortress called the tower of London to find diamonds to power up the martian spaceship so he can return back home to his planet in space.

  6. Liliana S.

    I have read and enjoyed a book called ‘SOME Dogs Do’ by Jez Alborough. This book is about believing in your dreams and being brave.

  7. Maximilian J.

    My favourite book is ,, Wild About Space ” because I’m interested in the star cluster and Astronomy. The author of ,, Wild about Space ” is Miles Kelly

  8. Maximilian J.

    I finished Maths Challenge.

  9. Warizah I.

    I Enjoyed reading Fantastic Mr fox because I like the story and the 3 carachters boggis, bean and bunce
    The Author of Fantastic Mr Fox is Ronald dhal

  10. Adam O.

    I have completed my maths homework

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