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Year 2 Traditional Tales Day – 7.11.22

Next Monday 7th November, we will be having a Traditional Tales (Fairy Tales) Day.

We will be doing lots of exciting things, but we would like you to dress up as your favourite character please.
Look at the pictures and ideas below. Try to use the things you have at home for you costume… but please no super heroes!

14 responses to “Year 2 Traditional Tales Day – 7.11.22”

  1. Amina I.

    Thanks for asking 😄😁

  2. Latifa A.

    Thank you Mr Carter for the blog.

  3. Sara H.

    dressing up as minnie mouse!! ☺️🔴⚫️

  4. Manuela M.

    I am going to dress up like red riding hood!

  5. Liliana S.

    I’m looking forward to having fun tomorrow.

  6. Advika B.

    I am going to wear a witch costume

  7. Latifa A.

    Thank who wrote this.

  8. Sarah B.

    I am wearing a fairy🧚‍♀️dress 👗.

  9. Maryum N.

    I am going to dress up like snow white.

  10. Aqsa S.

    Ok thank you information

  11. Iqra F.


  12. Iqra F.


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