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Year 2 Week 3 Education City Homeword update


it has bee brought to our attention that some children are struggling to see the homework set on Education City. Some children can see it and some can not. We are working on this our end, please bare with us.

In the mean time your child can complete the wow homework which is not online. Also if they search the name of the activity which is posted on the previous homework blog in the education city search bar it will take them straight to the homework.


Miss Redhead

6 responses to “Year 2 Week 3 Education City Homeword update”

  1. Rayyan R.

    I have completed both of my education city games and got 100%.😊

  2. Nycolas C.

    Nycolas have completed both Maths and Enghish on Education city

  3. Kaiden M.

    We had to search the tasks in the search bar to find it.

  4. Hosanna N.

    I have found mine now. I have completed both maths and English and scored 100%.Thank you Mr Mahmood.

    1. Mrs Walker

      Thank you Hosanna. I will take a look now

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