The following children have signed up to this term’s Saturday club. There are still spaces free, so if you are not on the list and would like your child to attend please complete the form below.

Dean-junior 3 Blue
Esa3 Blue
Isaiah3 Blue
Aiza3 Red
Charis3 Red
Ebnezere3 White
Eva T3 White
Ranj3 White
Subodh3 White
Yegor3 White
Myiesha 4 Blue
Nicolas4 Blue
Osas4 Blue
Sara 4 Blue
Anaya4 Red
Manha4 Red
Mohammed Zayd4 Red
Sabiha 4 Red
Simra4 Red
Aqsaa F4 White
Maheen4 White
Welat 4 White

This half term we will be running a weekend sports clubs for the children in Year 3 and 4. The intention of these sessions is to give students more opportunities to get active outside of school, whilst continuing the learning they have done in the classroom. We aim to start the weekend for the children in a fun and active way.

There will be 5 sessions. The will start at 11:00am and finish at 11:55am. The first session will be on Saturday 4th March with following sessions on the 11th, 18th and 25th March and 1st April. Students should be dropped off and collected from the Webster Park gates.

If you would like your child to attend, please complete the following form. It is free to take part but spaces are limited and are given out on a first come, first served basis.

Children do not need to wear PE kits, but must wear trainers and sports clothes. It would be great so see the children down again after the success of the last club. Any problems, just ask.

17 responses to “Year 3-4 Saturday Sports Club”

  1. Zahra N.

    My mum filled the form on Thursday I would like to come

  2. Zahra N.

    My mum has filled the form

  3. Prisha T.

    Mr Rawlings, my mum says I can help at Saturday club.

  4. Thanks for letting me join the club

  5. Khadijah M.

    My dad has filled the form also if you don’t mind my asking do we wear our P.E kits?

    1. Head Teacher

      Yes you do.

      1. Khadijah M.

        Okay thank you.

  6. Osas O.

    Thanks for letting me join the club.

  7. Aqsaa F.

    My mum has completed the form.

  8. Anaya R.

    My mum has completed the form and i am coming.

  9. Eva T.

    My mum had filled the form and I am very excited to go to Saturday club

  10. Dean-Junior L.

    My mum has filled in the form for me to come .

  11. Ranj M.

    I’m coming and I filled the form.

  12. Welat M.

    My mom filled the form and my brother is coming.

  13. Sabiha K.

    My mum has signed in. I will see you on Saturday

  14. Myiesha S.

    My mum has filled the form.

  15. Esa A.

    I want to join , my mum has filled the form.

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