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Year 3 Active Maths – Tuesday 18th July

An exciting morning has been planned for the children named below from Year 3 giving them the opportunity to combine their Maths and PE skills! The event will be held at Whitmore Park Primary School and we will travel in the minibus, leaving school at 9am. We will be back in time for lunch. Please come dressed in PE kit and make sure you have a water bottle to bring with you.

The event was held last year and children had a very fun morning! Carter, Eva H, Vanessa, Zainullah, Fatima, Safa, Faris, Simeon

2 responses to “Year 3 Active Maths – Tuesday 18th July”

  1. Dean-Junior L.

    I can’t wait to go!

  2. Safa A.

    I am so excited to go 😊

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