Year 3 Homework Autumn 1 Week 3


your homework this week is below. Please if you comment on the blog record this in your homework book so we can provide feedback.

Maths TTRS at least 10 mins – we can see how long you spend on it.

English – Write your own adventure story in your homework book.

WOW – Write a description of a cave man.

94 thoughts on “Year 3 Homework Autumn 1 Week 3

  1. The cave man is hairy and brown and he is not wearing a shirt he is wearing a rusty old short . He has very dark hair with very dark eyes.

  2. His hair looks knotty and messy
    He has hair all over his body. He only wears some material around his waist.and no shoes
    He looks like a monkey
    He has 2 black eyes
    He looks creepy and scary

  3. The caveman lives in a cave. The caveman has a child next to him and he is not tall. The caveman is wearing only a short and he is very hairy all over his body. The cave looks small and dark inside.

  4. The cave man is very very hairy,vile person and he has ears that look like monkey ears and he has a mouth that looks like a monkey mouth and he shouldn’t live in this country because he is to old to live on this country.

  5. The cave man is really hairy and dirty.
    He looks friendly to me.
    He doesn’t look like he will kill us.
    He looks like an adult since he is tall.
    He is wearing dead animal skin on his waste as clothes.
    He looks kind of ugly for some people.
    He is a little fat that means he isn’t that healthy.
    I’ve done time table rock star over 10 minutes.

    • Havin one sentence is not good enough. Write some more sentences to describe the cave man please. Remember to leave a comment in your homework book.

  6. He is very scruffy and is a bit small he looks like a monkey and he looks a bit scary he has a big nose.he has no clothes only a underwear He is so hairy

    • Good start . I can’t see any full stops in your work Kinza . Can you rewrite your sentences in your homework book adding more details please. Make sure you complete 2 pieces of homework please.

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