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Year 3 – Mi Color Favorito

Hola Clase! In Year 3 we learnt a Spanish song about favourite colours and performed it together!

We all tried our best! Can you translate the song and tell us what it means.

GD – Can you write another verse for this song in Spanish?

20 responses to “Year 3 – Mi Color Favorito”

  1. Murtaza A.

    Mi coluer favrito Verda Verda Roja roja azul azul un blanks

  2. Liliana S.

    Wow, I love how they sing. They look so talented.

  3. Maryum N.

    And I liked it too it was very fun and practical.

  4. Maryum N.

    Mi color favourito al Verde Verde el Rosa Rosa Rosa rojo rojo rojo naranja naranja naranja

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Good try Maryam! You don’t need capital letters for the colours though.

  5. Saanvika M.

    Mi color favarito es el rosa,rosa y gusta el azul.

    Mi color favarito es el blanco,blanco y gusta el rojo.

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Well done Sanvika! Just remember the line, ‘y me gusta’.

  6. Latifa A.

    Mi color favorito el ee Marion ee amarillo

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Buen trabajo Latifa ! Did you mean, marron ? I think it autocorrected, always check spellings before posting.

  7. Aurora H.

    Thanks you everyone for participating well done and when 3R 3B 3W done they were amazing I watched all of the videos

    1. Mrs Kiani

      That is lovely to hear!

  8. Tala I.

    Well when I saw your singing it was wicked give a round of a plaw’s to your singing I am so happy keep that up🎊👏💞👏🎊

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. Mr Andrews (Headteacher)

    Wow – this is brilliant everyone! great work

  10. Maximilian J.

    Mi color favarito es el morado ,morado y me gusta el blanco.
    Mi color favarito es el rojo,rojo y me gusta el verde.

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Wow Max! Excellent lines!

  11. Liyana M.

    I loved that thank you for recording it for the blog😇😇😇😇

    1. Mrs Kiani

      De nada!

  12. Dhonshan R.

    It was so much fun and so good 😊👍🥇

    1. Mrs Kiani

      I’m glad you enjoyed it Dhonshan!

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