12 responses to “Year 3 Music Egyptians”

  1. Aalya H.

    I enjoy the song

  2. Aalya H.

    I enjoy the all of the song

  3. Mohammed I.

    I really injoied the video

  4. Yaseen E.

    I enjoyed the videos.

  5. Karanbir B.

    they were intresting

  6. Zahraa Y.

    I learnt some thing but I did not watch it all also I liked it!!

  7. Haroon K.

    I enjoyed the videos and it was interesting videos to watch.

  8. Hudayifah A.

    Thanks for the videos

  9. Miski M.

    I watched it

  10. Maddox B.

    Thanks thor the video

  11. Maddox B.

    Thank you Mr russell thor the the video the number video was Interesting

  12. Xlexben F.

    I love it.

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