Year 3 have been learning the names of household pets in Spanish.

They wanted to share their knowledge with all of you – have a look at these videos and then list how many of the pets names you can remember from the videos and the lessons on this blog.

There will be more videos coming soon – watch this SPACE!

27 responses to “Year 3 – Pets in Spanish”

  1. Ramandeep K.

    Un hamster is hamster.
    Un pez is fish.
    Un Serpiente.
    In gato is cat.
    Un conejo is rabbit.

  2. Amina H.

    Un perro =dog πŸ•
    Un hamster =hamster 🐹
    Un gate = cat 🐈
    Un pez = fish 🐟
    Un tortugator = tortoise 🐒
    Un loro=bird 🦜
    Un cabballo = horses 🐎
    Un conejo =rabbit πŸ‡
    Un raton =mouse 🐁
    Un serpiente = snake 🐍

  3. Amelia A.

    Un hamtstar=hamtstar.
    Un pez=fish.
    Un gato=cat.
    Un perro= dog.
    Un conejo=rabbit.
    Un loro= bird.

  4. Muhammad I.

    Una Tortuga = tortoise
    Un pez = fish
    Un hamster = hamster
    Un gato = dog
    Un perro
    Un = conejo

  5. Yunus H.

    Un Pez- Fish
    Una Tortuga- tortoise
    Un gato-Cat
    Un perro- Dog
    Una repieinte – Snake
    And well done everyone keep up the good work Year 3

  6. Sabiha K.

    una Tortuga = tortoise
    un pez = fish
    un gato = cat
    un conejo = rabbit
    un seripenete = serpent

  7. Aiza B.

    un hamster = hamster

  8. Aiza B.

    un pez=fish
    un perro = dog
    un ratton =mouse
    un conejo =rabbit
    una tortoga = tortoyis
    sepienda = snake
    un lorro = bird
    un pajaro = parrot
    un gato = cat
    un cabblo = horse

    1. Zahra N.

      Un Pez=fish
      Un Hamster= hamster
      Un Perro= Dog
      Un Gato=Cat
      Un tortuga=turtle
      Un Conejo=Rabbit
      Un Serpienata=Snake
      Un Cabbalo=Horse

  9. Aisha A.

    Oun hamster is a hamster in Spanish. is a fish in Spanish.
    Perro is a dog in Spanish.
    Oun raton is a mouse in Spanish.
    Un caballo in is a horse in Spanish.
    Un Loro is a bird in Spanish.

  10. Delilah R.

    Un gato= cat in Spanish .
    Un pez = fish in Spanish .
    Un perro = dog in Spanish .
    Un conejo= rabbit in Spanish.

  11. Myiesha S.

    un gatto/ cat
    un perro/ dog
    un pez/ fish
    un conjho/ rabbit
    un hamster/ hamster
    un tortuga/ turtle

    1. Myiesha S.

      in spanish we say rat as in un raton/rat
      in spanish we say horse as in un Cabbalo/horse
      in spanish we say snake as in un serpiente/snake
      in spanish we say bird as in un loro/bird
      in spanish we say frog as in un rana/frog
      in spanish we say bird as inun pajaro/bird
      in spanish we say monkey as in un mono
      in spanish we say pig as in un cerdo

  12. Afsa P.

    Rayon -rat
    Perro -dog
    Come join-bunny
    Serpentes -snack

  13. Welat M.


  14. Amirah T.

    Good evening😊.
    Un pez = Goldfish
    Una tortuga = tortoise
    Una serpiente = snake
    Un hampstar = hampster
    Un Raton = mouse
    Un caballo = horse
    Un perro = dog
    Un gato = cat
    Un loro = bird
    Un conejo = rabbit

  15. Alima S.

    Perr is a dog in Spanish.
    Gato is an cat in Spanish.

  16. Mohammed E.

    Un pez means fish.
    Una tortorga means tortoise.
    Un hamster means hamster.

  17. Ravi P.

    UN. Paro,ie pariti in Spanish. B3

  18. Ammar W.

    Alima and Ammar.
    Un pez is fish in Spanish.

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Can you remember any other pet names?

  19. Ahmad R.

    My favourite in gato was cat in Spanish

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Try to list all of the pets in Spanish, Ahmed.

  20. Keaton O.

    My favorite pet is un Perro

    1. Mrs Kiani

      Keaton, I’m sure you know more Spanish pet names than just perro.

  21. Khadijah M.

    My favorite is un conejo which means rabbit.

    1. Mrs Kiani

      You were asked to list all the pets that you can remember in Spanish. I’m sure you know more than 1.

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