What an amazing term this one has been! All of Year 3 have worked wonderfully in everything and have made fantastic progress. As part of our English unit children have studied Gangsta Granny, all children enjoyed learning about play scripts and they performed to portray the roles of characters such as Ben and Granny. In our second English unit, we learnt about narrative poems and used our rhyming skills to create our own. In Maths they have been focusing on mass and capacity including measuring capacity and measuring mass in kilograms and grams. We then moved onto fractions, learning about unit and non unit fractions as well as finding fractions of amounts. Finally, we learnt about floating gardens in Bangladesh as they have less land space to grow their vegetation and even applied our knowledge to create our own. In Geography we have been studying climate and climate zones, explaining how climate impacts on people’s lifestyles. Have fun watching the portfolio blogs below and please comment below explaining how you made progress!

Please comment below explaining how you have made progress in English, Maths, Science and Geography. Showcase your knowledge Year 3 and impress us with your amazing memories!

16 responses to “Year 3 Portfolio – Spring 2 2023”

  1. Emil D.

    Wow well done for all the work teachers👍

  2. Tasneem S.

    I loved English,Maths,History and sincse

  3. Safa A.

    I have made progress by using inverted commas.

  4. Aadam R.

    At the start of year 3 I was not very good at maths and I think I have improved a lot in maths, I have proved this by my speed in TTRS and I get more right on each game. I’m good at English because I have improved concentration and I have written a diary entry and I did not know how to write this before so you start with Dear Diary and then you write it how you’ve been thinking and doing that day. I have improved in Science because I have learnt about plants and I did a double page spread and know all my body parts. In Geography I have been learning about climate zones. Arid means little rainfall and dry land. Did you know the earth is not flat it is round? The most active volcano in Italy is Etna. Etna could wipe out the whole of Italy. Not everybody would be able to escape. My favourite subject is maths because you can use it everywhere like at school and shops like with money. I enjoy challenging myself with the GD challenges.

  5. Nick C.

    I have made progress in my math because I know what a unit fraction is

  6. Chavi L.

    I love the movie gangster granny

  7. Rayan M.

    I made progress in maths because I know what is a non – unit fractions.

  8. Shemaiah W.

    Good job for learning maths &scales .

  9. Ariyan S.

    In maths we learn fractions and learn perimeter and length.
    In English we learn poem and Gangas granny.
    In geography we learn about climate

  10. Hasan N.

    I loved making floating garden

  11. Carter D.

    I have made progress
    In English by writing a poem

  12. Jebrin Y.

    I have made progress by making silly poems

  13. Muhammad K.

    I love maths and it’s my favourite subject in school I am very good at mathematics 🧮

  14. Dean-Junior L.

    I liked it a lot

  15. This years learning I really like. about how we learning and we get smart

  16. Alisha S.

    I love the movie gangster granny it was really funny 😆

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