Year 3 Reading Challenge

Year Three are studying stories with familiar settings during the Autumn term. Read this familiar setting, then answer the questions below.

The BFG – By Roald Dahl 


Bronze Challenge:

  1. Where is the story set?
  2. What time of day is it? How do you know?
  3. Name one adjective the author has used here.

Silver Challenge:

  1. Describe how you would feel if you were in the dormitory at night.
  2. What does ‘No cars went by on the street’ tell you?

Gold Challenge:

  1. Why do you think Sophie is still awake? Use your inference skills!
  2. Name a simile that has been used here, and explain why it is effective.

Platinum Challenge:

Re-write this setting description using alternative similes and adjectives. How can you make this piece more effective? How can you capture the interest of the reader?

31 thoughts on “Year 3 Reading Challenge

  1. 1.The story is set in sophies bed room.
    2.It is night time I know because she is trying to sleep.
    3.The adjective that the auther has used is but.

  2. Platinum Challenge
    Sophie could not sleep. The other people in the dormitory were fast asleep, Sofie was the only one in the dormitory who was not sleeping. It was silent as library. The powerful moonlight is flashing on Sophies face. It was as annoying as someone waiting for a bus and it did not come.

  3. 1 .The story is set in her bedroom.
    2. It is night time because it tell me.
    3. The ajective that i choose is doze.
    bronze challenge

  4. Silver
    Duncens tree house was light as the sun
    His treehouse was beautiful and lovely
    Olso his treehouse was scary
    Indeed his treehouse was damage

  5. Silver
    1.I could feel scared because when there could be no tourches I could be very afraid.
    2.It means there’s no cars going down the street because the people might sleep.

  6. Silver challenge
    1. I would feel very tiered and sleepy
    2. It might be quiet

    Gold Challenge
    1. I think Sophie couldn’t sleep because the moonbeam was shining on her face
    2. The comparision of the moonbeam and the silver blaze is the simile. It is effective because i can imagine how bright the moon beam is.

    I am trying hard to complete platinum challenge. Hope I will finish tomorrow.

  7. The story was set in a dormitory where shoie was sleeping. It was in the middle of the night. I know because it explains in the text the moon was shining.
    The author used bearing and brilliant and adjecve in the text.
    If I was in a dormitory at night me I was feel frighten.
    When there is not any car on the streets it is usAlly dark or its snowing.

  8. I think Sophie could not sleep because a ray of moon light was shining at her face.The moonbeam was like a silver blade slicing through the room on to her face.

    • The simile is effective because a blade cant really slice slmething and the writer has said that it was slicing through the room on to her face.That is why it is effective.

  9. Bronze challenge
    1.The story is set in Sophie’s bedroom.
    2.It is at night I know that because it is dark and Sophie is at bed.
    3.The auther has used the word tiniest.

    • Ashwika, I think you are more capable than just completing the bronze challenge – I think you can complete the Silver and Gold challenge – why don’t you give it shot?

  10. 1. where is the story set the story is set in bed 2.what time of day is it the time is night or adjecetive that i observed is brilliant. SILVER i would feel normal if i was in a cars past the street means to me no cars making sounds on the street because cars allways make sounds on the roads.GOLD i think she still awake because she is scared. the simile that i found is the moonbeam was like a blaze i think its effective because blaze is a fantastic word. PLATIUAM my setting description is the lights were off like torches losing light the intest of the reader is because he has used FANTASTIC simalies and has used alot of describing words

    • A good attempt to complete all the sections Farhaad – don’t rush your setting description as I read some good phrases that you wrote, however, I wanted some greater detail e.g. what you could see, hear, touch, taste etc

    • Gold challenge
      1.I think Sophie is not asleep yet because the moonlight is shining in her eye

      Silver challenge
      1.I will feel really scared because it might be sombody like a thief.
      2.No cars went By on the streets is telling me that there is no cars were driving on that street.

      Broze challange

      1. The story was set in Sophie bedroom.
      2.I think it was Night time because some people go to sleep at Night.

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