Year 3 Reading Challenge

Jumanji cover

Judy heard a faint buzzing noise and watched a small insect land on Peter’s nose. Peter lifted his hand to brush the bug away, but then stopped, gave a tremendous yawn, and fell sound asleep, his head on the table.

“Peter, Peter, wake up!” cried Judy. But it was no use. She grabbed the dice and moved to a blank. She rolled again and waited in amazement.

“Rhinoceros stampede, go back two spaces.”

As fast as he has fallen asleep, Peter awoke. Together they listened to a rumble in the hallway. It grew louder and louder. Suddenly a herd of rhinos charged through the living room and into the dining room, crushing all the furniture in their path. Peter and Judy covered their ears as sounds of splintering wood and breaking china filled the house.

Peter gave the dice a quick tumble.

“Python sneaks into camp, go back one space.” Judy shrieked and jumped up on her chair!

Jumanji AF5 Reading Challenge – Target 8

What has the writer done well? Which words or phrases do you think are most effective and why?

Explain using evidence or quotes from the text.

Think about: powerful verbs, exciting adjectives, different sentence
lengths used for effect, punctuation, paragraphs and interesting sentence openers.

19 thoughts on “Year 3 Reading Challenge

  1. the writter done well was he used excmlation marks , speech marks,fullstops and capital letters. i think the word is amazement because it look’s like a good word.the powerfull verbs are shrieked,watched.all most all the sentence have powerfull vrbes,exciting ajectives,diffrent sentence,lengths used for effect,puccutation,paragraphs and intresting sentence openers. i think the exciting words are amazemant,
    shrieked,fanit,tremendous,spilntering and furniture because one of them are power full vrebs called shrieked and the rest of them are brillant ajectives.

  2. The writer has used adjectives well.The phrase I think is most effective is a faint buzzing noise because it tell’s you what kind of sound the buzzing noise is making.

  3. It is GOOD because the writer has used lots of adjectives,speech marks, explanation marks, question mark,compound sentences,complex sentences, full stops and capital letters.

  4. The writer of this story has done a good job of using powerful verbs such as ‘tremendous’, ‘amazement’ and ‘splintering’. He also used three types of sentences, simple sentences, compound and complex sentences.

  5. its good because he used 3 different types of sentence openers simple sentences,compound sentences and complex sentences he also used interesting words like amazement ,tremendous and splintering .
    the words that i choose are effective and interesting because its more powerful and better and they good describe.for example:
    “Peter, Peter, wake up!” ,as sounds of splintering wood and breaking china filled the house or“Python sneaks into camp, go back one space and Rhinoceros stampede, go back two spaces.

  6. The writer has done well about the variety of senteces the has used simple sentces complex senteces and compound senteces.The has used words like stampinde amenzent and tremunods the writer has used pharses like Judy and Peter covered their ears as china filled the house.There are lots of punchation and lots of differnt parts of paragrahps which tell you about the story 1 to 1 there are differnt parts until it is the end.

  7. IT IS GOOd because it has some exiting words and has paragraphs and speech marks but the really good thing it has lots of ajectives and it has explamation marks. it has exiting words.

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