Year 3 – Spanish Greetings

Year 3 have been making excellent progress this half term in their Spanish lessons.

They learnt how to say hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good bye in Spanish.

They used Puppet pals to showcase their learning. Here are their videos.

After watching these videos can you tell me what these words mean: Hola, buenos dias, buenos tardes, buenos noches, adios and hasta luego.


  1. I got unique ones.first the ones I got asked.
    Buenos Dias=good morning
    Buenos tardes=good afternoon
    Buenos noches=good evening
    Adiós= good bye
    Hasta luego=see you later
    How you are and how you feel=Como esta.
    Muy bien
    Qué Tal

  2. Hola:hello👋
    Buenos dias:good morning 🌞
    Buenos tardes:good afternoon 🕦
    Buenos noches:good night🌛
    Adios: bye 👋
    Hasta luege:see you later😁

  3. hola =hello, hi
    buenos dias= good morning
    buenos tardes = good afternoon
    buenos noches= good evening
    adios =good bye
    hasta luego= see later

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