20 responses to “Year Singing / Choir Repertoire”

  1. Amanah S.

    I love them all ❤️

  2. Lusardo M.

    Please may I have a song cradle by sub Ubrans

  3. Absi P.

    I liked every single piece of music even the ones that I Didint know I enjoyed them a lot thank you mr Russle

  4. Nihal P.

    I loved the second song, Can’t stop the feeling. I also liked Shake it off, Faded and Dance Monkey.

    1. Nihal P.

      I also like the Best Day of my life song.

  5. Kanishka P.

    I enjoyed music

  6. Khadijah M.

    I love everything! 😊

  7. Aaron G.

    I liked it

  8. Tipian I.

    I loved the songs but next week can you please put death bed.

  9. Raees A.

    I listened to all of the songs at home

  10. Reece T.

    I listened to them

  11. Ridwan U.

    I personally think that believer is the best as it’s beat and rhythm and pace is on track. Also the other songs are very good.

  12. Xavier M.

    I listened to all of them.
    I think believer is the best because it has a beat.

  13. Safa M.

    I listened to the songs

  14. Simin W.

    Choir was great! I listened and practiced all of the songs!

  15. Lillie S.

    I loved choir can’t wait for the badges!

    1. Mr Russell


  16. Luxor A.

    Loved the songs.listen to all of them.

    1. Mr Russell


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