Only 6 days to go and the scores currently stand at…

12 responses to “Year 4 & 5 TTRS Competition Update”

  1. Eva T.

    You are older than us (year 4) but we are beating you

    1. Myiesha S.

      Eva we are very busy that is why we are losing.

      1. Mrs Khaliq

        So are year 4 Myiesha. All you have to do is to play10 minutes every day at home.

        1. Myiesha S.

          But year 5 are more busier than year 4 we have more work.

  2. Myiesha S.

    Year 5 are more busy because we have work to do and that is why we are losing.

  3. Alzahra R.

    OMG!! How did year 4 2352 and Year 5 got 1079 now?
    We still have to WIN!!

  4. Mopelola L.

    Year 5s are busier than Year 4. We have more work to do!! But we still need to win so get playing

    1. Mrs Khaliq

      Year 4 are also very busy Mo. Sounds like an excuse to me. Everyone has another time to play 10 minutes a day!

    2. Osas O.

      This is true. From past experiences , you get to play in break times and lunch times which is an advantage and plus We have other things to do online like spelling shed and education city.

  5. Esa A.

    Year 4 play more because they might catch up with you and me.

  6. Yasmin A.

    Year 4 will win.

  7. Safa A.

    year 4 are curently the best year 5 this is so disopinting and you are leting your team down wait the peopel that played

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