Year 4 Autumn 1 Week 2 Homework

Hi Year 4,

Here is your homework for this week. Please remember to complete at least two out of the three. This must be completed by Wednesday at the latest.

Full Autumn 1 homework overview:

Maths homework

Answer the questions below in your homework books. Make sure you explain your answer and show all workings out.

Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4

English homework

Draw an evil character for your imaginary world. Then write some expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors to describe them.

WOW homework

Your WOW homework for this week is to answer these questions, in full sentences, in your homework books:

  1. List the different types of teeth that we have and their functions.
  2. Find two animals that do not have teeth.
  3. Why do animals have different teeth to humans?
  4. Write 3 tips for brushing your teeth correctly.

Don’t forget to read daily and to play TTRS!

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  1. W͟O͟W͟
    The primary function of teeth is mastication. Which involves the cutting, mixing and grinding food to allow the tounge and oropharynx to shape it into a bolus that can be swallowed

  2. Maths:
    1. Tiny’s mistake is that he has jumbled up the numbers . The whole is 642.
    2. No, the number line is not going in 100s. If it was going in 100s the end would be 1000. The number line is going in 50s.
    3. Tiny’s mistake is that he has counted in 100’s but he needs to count in 1000’s.
    4. The odd one out is 35 tens because it is only 350. The others all add up to 3500

    WOW homework:
    a. Incisors: Biting
    b. Canines: Biting and Tearing
    c. Premolar: Tearing and Grinding
    d. Molar: Grinding and Chewing.
    2. Turtle and Birds
    3. Animals have different teeth to humans because they have a different diet.
    To brush you teeth correctly you have to keep brushing for at least 2 minutes, you have to brush in a circular motion and remember to brush inside and outside of the teeth and the corners.

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