Hi year 4,

Here is this week’s homework. Don’t forget it must be finished by Wednesday morning. Complete a minimum of two pieces and if you have any problems, let your teacher know on Monday morning.



An Education City task has been planned and saved under the homework section. It is called ‘For Better or Verse.’



Research 10 facts about the Anglo-Saxons.

Write your facts in your homework book OR make a poster.

Don’t forget to read daily and to play TTRS!

82 responses to “Year 4 Autumn 2 Week 1 Homework”

  1. Khadeeja M.

    I got 55 correct

  2. Sara K.

    Thank you for the homework 📚

  3. Bethany P.

    I got 65% on education city

  4. Mohammed D.

    Ron is correct because the last number will always end in a 0

    Tiny is incorrect because the answer is 1579
    Tiny is incorrect because he put the 3 in thousand column rather than the hundred.

    The correct answer is 2213. Tiny is getting this wrong because his working out is incorrect

  5. Yahya K.

    I got 60% on educational city.

  6. Ahmed O.

    I got 50 present

    1. Ahmed O.

      It’s true.
      Tony’s mistake was that he put the 3 hundred number under the 1 thousand number instead of under the 2 hundred number. The correct answer is 1,579.

      1. Ahmed O.

        Tiny was supposed to cross out the counters that were already there but he added the counters and crossed them out.
        The correct answer is 2,213

  7. Keaton O.

    Facts on Anglo Saxon
    The Anglo Saxons lived in wooden huts.

    The Anglo Saxon were a group of farmers and warriors.

    When Anglo Saxons arrived in Britain it was devided up into 7 kingdoms Northumbria Essex Sussex east anglia Kent Mercia and Wessex.

    Anglo Saxon believed in many gods.

    They believed in magic spells lucky charms and dragons.

    They wore clothes made from wool taken from their sheep.

    They drank ale and mead.

    Anglo Saxons cooked their food over an open fire inside their houses.

    The Anglo Saxons were pagans.

    The Anglo Saxons had a varied diet.

  8. Ramandeep K.

    I have done my wow and english homework.

    1. Ramandeep K.

      And I got 65% in education city

  9. Amirah T.

    I have completed maths in my homework book.

  10. Sabiha K.

    1. I agree with Ron because when numbers are multiplied by 10’s the last number will always be a 0.
    2. 1234 + 345 = 1579
    Tiny’s mistake is that he has put the number he was adding, in the wrong place, he put the hundreds in the thousands, the tens in the hundreds and the ones in the tens.
    3456 – 1213 = 3226
    Tiny is subtracting the wrong number, he is subtracting the number that he is taking away from. The real answer is 3226.

  11. Haarun M.

    bronze . I disagree with Ron because if I took 1 away from 10 it would be 9 if I took away 2 from 20 it would be 18 and so on.
    tiny says that 1,234 + 345 = 4,684 this is wrong because the actual answer is 1,579

  12. Zaeem J.

    Tiny ‘s mistake is that he got confuse in the thousands he did not put the 3 in the 100’s column.
    Tony’s mistake is that he added 1213 and then subtracted the correct answer is 2213.

  13. Hussein H.

    I have done wow in my book.
    I scored 70% for English.

  14. Zaeem J.


  15. Ianis-Andrei D.

    On EducatiionCity I got 65 %

  16. Mohammed E.

    I’ve scored a 90% on education city
    1.I agree with Ron because when you go up in tens and you hit 10X10 you arrive at the hundreds that is my reasoning on Ron’s what Ron says.

    2.The mistake was that Tiny turned the
    300 into 3000 40 into 400 and the five into a 50 (3,450).The correct answer 1579.

    3.Tinys mistake is that he is subtracting the wrong number.As if he were smarter he would be subtracting 3426. The correct answer is 2,213.

    1. Mrs Walker

      Mohammed please could you explain why you agree with Ron? Please explain your answer?

  17. Nicolas-Andrei M.

    Ron is correct because the hundred and tens will change if you multiple of 10.
    Tiny is mistake that he adid the 345 to the thounsands collumn and the real answer is 1579.
    Tiny is wrong because he didn’t take away from the top thats way he got the answer 3426

    1. Mrs Sanders

      Well done for completing your homework Nicolas. Please complete homework in your book so I can see your working out.

  18. Welat M.

    I got 90% on education city.
    I disagree with Ron because 1990+10=2000 and 2000-10=1990 so the
    thousands have changed.
    Tiny is incorrect because for the Formal Written Method (column addition)
    each digit of the two numbers have to be aligned in the same place value. 345 is incorrectly put 1 place value more than it should be.3 is in the thoushands but its supposed to be in the hundred and so on so the right answer is 1579.
    Tiny took away the wrong counters.Tiny should have took away the top counters not the ones at the bottom.

    1. Mrs Khatun

      Very good score Welat, good boy. What happened with the 10%? Did you find it challenging?
      Super work for maths too.

  19. Bethany P.

    The sound didnt work on education city

  20. Adam O.

    – I agree with Ron but if we keep adding the multiples of 10 then also the thousands and millions will change.
    – Tiny has made a mistake to align the hundreds with the thousands. The correct answer is 1,579
    Tiny is wrong because he is not taking away anything. The correct answer is 2,213

    I have done my English on Education City and I scored 90%

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