Year 4 – Language Detectives!

As language detectives, this week,  we have used what we know to work things out and find out more about languages.

Your task for the rest of the week is to continue being language detectives and look out for different languages you hear (friends, restaurants, adverts) or see (packaging).

Keep a note of your findings and record on this class blog.

I will share your responses with the class on Monday next week.


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  1. French
    Où puis-je trouver un bon
    restaurant/café/la plage/le centre.
    My friends speak Kurdish,Swahili,Russian, Arabic.
    My Dad speaks Kurdish.
    I see Mandarin on packages also Kurdish,Arabic,French
    When I went to Greece on restaurants there was Greek.
    I mostly see English in England but in Kirdistan is see a lot of Kurdish and Arabic.When I went to a fancy restaurant there was Kurdish.
    Simple greetings
    Bongure means hello in French .
    Neyhowe means hello in Mandarin.
    Hola means hello in Spanish.
    At Greece at blue lagoon some people understood English but mostly Greek also where I stayed at Greece one person came from the Netherlands and one person spoke Punjabi but mostly English.
    I hear mandarin and French .

  2. I hear Romanian, Hindi and German.
    I see on the packaging some Chinese writing on the label of the packaging and see French,Spanish and Polish.
    My friends say Swahili,Romanian,Russian,Urdu ,Punjabi and Hindi.
    In some foreign restaurants that are not English I see if it is an Indian restaurant it might have Hindi or if it is an Italian restaurant It might have some Italian but mostly it depends on what the culture is then it might have the language on the menu.
    On some adverts I see Romanian or Spanish or French and German but I mostly see Romanian