TTRS competition: 4R v 4W v 4B

As you know, the multiplication test will start straight after the May break. We are so proud of how hard you have worked so far and the amazing progress you have made.

A final TTRS competition has been set for you to compete against the other year 4 classes! It will end on Tuesday 6th June at 8:00 pm.

This is your chance to show everyone who the best at their times tables in year 4!


If you play TTRS for 10 minutes everyday over the half term, you will receive a treat.

If everyone in your class plays, then you will receive some extra time on the adventure playground/mini golf course and also receive an ice lolly.


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  1. I am having some problems on TTRS.
    I play 10 games of garage because each game is 1 min and at the bottom in a grey thick line and white writing it says:
    Games will not be saved reset your device.
    So i reseted the device i was playing on but still do not work.
    I tried on a different device but it said the same thing again.
    What can i do now?
    If i play TTRS will the games save or will they not save?
    Please reply.

    • Hi Myiesha,

      I have checked your account and it shows me that you have played everyday so your games are being saved. Keep playing and if you are still having the same issues next week, we will look into it further. For now, keep up the great work!

  2. Hi teacher is there any help for me some one knows my log in details.And using my TTRS account few times since yesterday afternoon.They are puting my studio speed so slow and using my coins.

      • Hi Muazzan,

        Looking at your stats , it seems this issue has sorted itself out. I am thinking you may have stayed logged in whilst using a school Ipad and someone accidentally used you account. Make sure you log out on shared devices.

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