19 thoughts on “Year 4 Reading Challenge

  1. Soft beating means someone hits you but not as hard.
    I think Wllie got his bad bruises because his mum hit him because sometimes Willie can be naughty.
    Willie’s mum says she can be kinder than ever but sometimes she gets a bit HARSH!!!!!

  2. I think Wille got soft beatings because he was naughty and it said in the text.Also his mother could have not gave him soft beatings because he has massive beatings.

  3. And he also got those nasty bruises from his mum because
    he was a naught boy and he got soft beatings.
    And the evidence is in the text.

  4. I think william got bruises on his leg because,he was a naughty boy and he was bulling and his mom hit him with hard things also a metal pan and a belt.

  5. I think William got bruises on his leg because he had been
    naughty and his mum gave him soft beatings.I know this because there is evidence from the text.

  6. He got those nasty bruises by his mum the evidence is in the text his mum only gave him soft beatings and when he was Nuaty he got hurt a lot! He had bruises on his arm and again the evidence is in the text .

  7. Maybe it was Willie’s mum who hit him or when he was walking across the gloomy hall way he hit it or even he just kept scratching it and bruised it with his sharp nails

  8. I tink that william got brooses on his leg because,he was a naughty boy and his mum said she was kinder than other mothers.His mum gave him beatings which were soft beatings.

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