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Year 4 ROH Create Day

30 lucky year 4 children had the opportunity to take part in the ROH Create Day today at Coventry Cathedral.

The children took part in a range of dance and singing activities in order to prepare for their final performance.

What skills did you use during the day?

What BH values did you use?


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  1. Well done Year 4. You all worked beautifully together and this made your performance even more amazing to watch. Every one of you behaved impeccably and represented Broad Heath proudly.

  2. We used teamwork and resilience because it was hard dancing for a long time and we had to work together. We used our dancing an singing skills to try and make the performance our best.

  3. What BH values did you use?
    I used teamwork because some parts of the dance is to make some kind of shape and work as a group.
    What skills did you use during the day?
    I learnt how to do the dance.