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Year 4 Thinktank Museum Trip Reminder

Good morning Year 4!

As you know, on Tuesday 7th February we shall all be visiting the Thinktank Science Museum as part of our changing states unit. Below is some extra information that I would like you and your parents/carers to be aware of prior to the trip.

Children are expected to wear school uniform for the day.

If you normally have school dinners, a packed lunch will be provided for you. If you normally have a packed lunch, please bring one with you as you would normally do. No fizzy drinks or sweets. We will allow a small packet of crisps and a small chocolate biscuit. Water is best, but squash is also okay. Please bring your lunch in a disposable plastic bag so you have less to carry in the afternoon.

If your child suffers with travel sickness, please ensure they take their medication on the morning of the trip. We ask that they bring their second tablet with them so they can take the medication before the return journey also.

Please be in school for 8:45am so we can leave on time.

We are all really looking forward to the trip, as I know you are too. If you have any questions about it, please ask your class teacher about it.

Thank you,

The Year 4 Team.

10 responses to “Year 4 Thinktank Museum Trip Reminder”

  1. Alzahra R.

    I so excited.
    Thank you information

  2. Aiza B.

    Thank you for the information I’m so excited 😆😄🤩

  3. Zaynab M.

    Thanks Mrs Khalid for the info .

  4. Meena B.

    Thank for reminding. I’m am super excited!

    1. Mrs Khaliq

      It will be a great day.

  5. Zahra N.

    Thank you Mrs Khalilq for the info appreciate it so much

    1. Mrs Khaliq

      You’re very welcome Zahra.

  6. Myiesha S.

    If we are school dinners can we still bring our food from home?

    1. Head Teacher

      Yes you can.

  7. Afsa P.

    Thanks for info I am so exited even if I had already went there

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