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Year 4 TTRS Competition winners Are…

It was the closest TTRS competition I have ever had to witness. But there could be only one winner!

The winner of the first Year 4 TTRS competition 2023-24 is…….

Top three players of the competition:

  1. Ranj (4R) 20, 203 points
  2. Aadam (4R) 20, 000 points
  3. Ilyas (4W) 15, 675 points

5 responses to “Year 4 TTRS Competition winners Are…”

  1. Minnah M.

    Great job guys even though we did not win I loooooved the competition !

  2. Rayan M.

    Great Job Ilyas.

  3. Aadam R.

    Well done to everyone who involved the people who didn’t need to play because if you don’t play you ain’t going to pass the times tables test 4 white were the the right winners because more people played.

    1. Mrs Khaliq

      What a lovely comment Aadam.
      You’re absolutely right- teamwork helps you achieve.

  4. Ilyas K.

    I had lots of fun playing TTRS. 4W are the best. well done team.

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