Today on our well-being day we have taken part in a number of different activities. Developing our teamwork , independence and creativity as well as a variety of healthy exercise. Take a look at what we got up to.

What skills did you use?
What was your favourite activity and why?

End Ball

Today in Year 4, we played End Ball. This activity involves a lot of teamwork, which is a key skill that the children have done really well to improve in. The activity requires the children to pass the ball to their team mates, who are separated into different zones, which they can’t leave. The end goal being, the ball reaching their last team mate, who will be at the end of the very final zones. The children really enjoyed this activity!

Board games

Today for well-being day year 4 have took part in a variety of activities and board games. The children have enjoyed playing in groups together , working as teams and competing against each other to win points. All the children have had lots of fun!

We worked together using teamwork to solve SPaG puzzles and to crack the code. We were out of our comfort zone as we were asked to work with children from a different class. Many school values were used such as teamwork, kindness and tenacity.


We learned how to make chains by finger knitting and using crochet hooks.

During our Active Maths activity, we consolidated our prior learning on length. We completed some jumping activities and measured who jumped the furthest.

Online Safety

We learnt all about online safety and what we can do to ensure we are being safe when using apps,games and messages. As a class we discussed bullying,harassment and inappropriate content and how to sensibly deal with these situations. We watched a video to help us understand further.

6 responses to “Year 4 Well-being Day”

  1. Rexford A.

    My favourite was endball because it was played with joy and happiness.
    Also we used empathy and communication and like always knowledge.

    Rexford. A

  2. Zakariyah T.

    Well I liked all activity but I think if I had to choose it will be endball because I like sports although it was very cold.

  3. Jebrin Y.

    Well I liked all activity but I think if I had to choose it will be endball because I like sports although it was very cold

    1. Mr Diaus

      Hahaha it was very cold Jebrin! I am glad you enjoyed it though :)

  4. Subodh K.

    My favourite activity was end ball 🏐

    1. Mr Diaus

      It was really fun Subodh and it was nice to see you all having a great time!

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