Active Maths

We practiced our multiplication and division skills by playing If I Know and Division Duel.

Learning about Racism

Today, discussed what racism is and how it makes others feel. We explored a range of scenarios and what we would do if we were witnessed a racist comment. The children showed respect, empathy and tolerance when talking about how everyone is different and unique. To showcase our understanding we created posters explaining what racism is and how it affects others.

Thank you cards

7 responses to “Year 4 Wellbeing Day”

  1. Adrian O.

    My favourite activity was football even though I hit my knee on the ground and some pieces came of.
    2. I used balance and resilience.
    3. I would like to see more sports like tennis basketball and cricket etc.

  2. Hadiya M.

    1) My favourite activity was the cards.
    2) A skill I used was teamwork.
    3) I would like to see some more art and craft desighns next well being day.😊

  3. Esa A.

    1. it was playing football.
    2. I used teamwork.
    3. basketball

  4. What activities would you like to see on the next well-being day?
    winter decarations

    What was your favourite activity? Why?
    football because football is a sport and i like sports.

  5. Nabiha I.

    1. My favrite activity was the thank you cards
    2. I used teamwork
    3. I want to see drawing,basketball and …..

  6. Yasmin A.

    My favourite activity was thank you cards because you have to be thankful for something I did it for my mummy,and daddy.

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